iPhone 7 comes out in less than a month, and suppliers are actively preparing for the mass production of new devices. This is why, more and more pictures of its possible components appear on the internet.

A10 for iPhone 7 pictures

Recently, the Chinese Sina Weibo social network featured a picture of the A10 chip the next generation iPhone will be equipped with. Earlier, the same social network also published pictures of iPhone7 with test applications installed.

Of course, at present we have every reason to view these photos skeptically, because they can easily be photoshopped. However, since the presentation of the new Apple smartphone is scheduled on September 7, the appearance of its key components right now is quite natural.

As for the other iPhone 7 innovations, the device won’t have the standard 3.5 mm input, and the headphones will be connected either via Bluetooth, or via the Lightning port. Also, the Home button will now vibrate, and not clack, like before.