Apple’s official position with regards to removing the headphones jack seemed quite reasonable for the most part of our readers. They decided that future without wires looks quite promising, despite kind of a clumsy implementation of their vision. Though not everybody liked the method of achieving such a goal – the release of AirPods headphones.

Apple will solve a problem of loosing AirPods

Most of the questions were raised in relation to the accessory structure which is not helping to prevent the passage of extraneous noise, weak battery life and the need to carry a branded case which works as a charging dock. It is strange that almost no one thought of the fact that AirPods are holding in ears loosely. Apart from Apple.

Even hough the latest offer of headphones from Apple does not allow to fix them in ears as firmly as wireless fitness headphones from the business rivals, workers from Cupertino still took care of cases of loss of headphones. According to the Business Insider publication with reference to the official representatives of the company, Apple Inc has already prepared for the users’ complaints about the loss of one of two headphones and is ready to begin sales of AirPods by the piece. Such way of selling goods is definitely going to be applauded by the most wasteful company’s customers, who would hardly wish to purchase the entire set of headphones. Price of each headphone alone has not been disclosed yet.