According to the information released by the phonearena journalists with reference to the database of the TENAA certification center, the battery capacity of iPhone 7 is 1960 mAh against 1750 mAh in iPhone 6s. At that, iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity is only 2900 mAh, which is only 150 mAh more than the capacity of the battery of its 5.5-inch predecessor. Someone may consider such a slight increase being mediocre, but due to the increased energy efficiency rate of the A10 processor, battery performance of “iPhone 7” has grown by at least 20%, and in certain usage scenarios even by 30% in comparison with iPhone 6s.

Battery capacity increase in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The new phones reached the greatest increase in battery life while working with Wi-Fi wireless networks. Now the 4.7-inch model can work 13 hours instead of the previous 11 hours. Also time of work with 3G/LTE got increased as well as time of video playback adding 2 hours to the standard 10 hours. What’s interesting is that iPhone 7 became the first Apple smartphone to work not less than 12 hours using LTE-networks. iPhone 7 Plus’ results turned out to be not much better despite the bigger dimensions of the phone.