We all expect Apple to introduce its new iPhones over the next two months. This would be only fair , as it has been the company’s good tradition to put new smartphones out on the market every fall, and we don’t think we will be dissapointed this time. Now, according to the latest unconfirmed information, the release date of the new phones is already known. The new iPhones are rumored to become available on the market September 7.

Early orders for iPhone 7 to possibly start September 9

Remember that Apple’s unnoficial tradition has been to present new iPhones in September. Last year, iPhone 6s was introduced September 9, which allows us to suppose that the new devices will be presented around the same time this year.

Analyst believe that the 2017 iPhones won’t be able to boast many significant changes, except, perhaps, the unconfirmed reports of the new iPhones not having the 3,5-mm auio jack. At present there’s no way of having this information confirmed.