At the presentation dated September 7, Phil Schiller stated that AirPods headphones connect to the smartphone in two stages. The first stage: bring the AirPods case to iPhone and click “Connect” in a window that will appear on the screen. The second stage is “suddenly” simply absent. Our colleagues from TechCrunch website checked if it is really so fast and easy to connect the headphones.

How AirPods connect to iPhone 7

As you can see from the video above, everything happens exactly as Phil said. But describing it by words is one thing and seeing this magic in video format is quite another.

As it turned out, the process of pairing AirPods with iPhone is even easier than process of pairing with Apple Watch. You shall just open the case with headphones, the smartphone will identify them by itself and display a message suggesting you to connect the accessory. You shall tap “agree” and the next second you will be able to enjoy the music.