In this article we will share some simple, but very important tips regarding your iPhone’s safety to ensure that, if need be, you can find it in critical situations. What if you lost an iPhone that’s switched off or is out of battery?

In recent years the two following ways were common practice in attempting to return a regular lost phone: calling the number of the lost phone and asking its new owner to return it, or calling the police who would trace the lost phone via the mobile operator using its IMEI number.

How do I find a lost iPhone

First, check the activation of the “Find iPhone» function:

  1. Go to Settings → iCloud.
  2. Make sure you are logged in to your Apple ID account.
  3. The function must be enabled in “Find iPhone”

Also make sure that the Last Location function is active (available in iOS 8 and the more recent versions of the system). It will be your last hope if the phone runs out of battery: the device will send its location to the Apple server. If you take care of all these details, finding the smartphone will be a lot easier. To locate a lost iPhone:

  1. Go to the online version of on your computer.
  2. Enter your Apple ID information.
  3. Go to “Find iPhone».
  4. Select the device at the top of the screen.

The location will be displayed on the map. Please note that the time when the data was last sent to the server is also displayed. If the status is “Less than a minute ago,” you’ve most likely fallen on your iPhone’s hot tracks and will find it soon.
If the iPhone runs out of battery, the only way to limit its operation will be the “loss mode”. After activation you will need to enter a phone number to contact you, and a message the new owner.

Once the iPhone is plugged in, the locked screen will show your message.