After iOS 10 release the users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch got more opportunities to communicate and share emotions, using animated and personalized features. However, when dealing with “Messages”, users may face a number of difficulties, for example lack of access to iMessage effects.

How to enable iMessage effects in iOS 10

We would like to recall that the screen of iMessage effects is enabled by prolonged click on the arrow key (Send). Certain users are not able to open a menu with common animation goodies in Messages tab. The issue is connected with Reduce motion, as it disables animation.

1. Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Universal access”.

2. Use the menu to select and click on the option Reduce motion.

3. Make sure the toggle is “off”.

4. Go back to “Messages”. Use 3D Touch gesture or press and hold the button with a blue upward arrow.

Layout with all new effects will appear on the screen. In addition, now the effects will be displayed in incoming messages.