If you are actively using the regular built-in “Mail” mail app on iPhone or iPad working on iOS 10, then be sure to check out the new methods of filtering messages. It will be much more effective to use Mail app with them.

How to filter messages in the Mail app on iOS 10

After opening any folder while working on iOS 10 you can sort the present messages by the following filters:

  • mail from all the connected accounts (search of messages in all the mailboxes in which you are logged in through Mail app);
  • unread messages;
  • messages with the checkbox;
  • messages which are addressed to me;
  • messages sent to me as a copy (if the message was sent to the different address but your address was specified in the “Copy” field);
  • only the messages with attachments (if any file is attached to the message);
  • messages only from VIP (mail from contacts added to the «VIP» group).

Open any folder in the mail in order to use the filters, for example, open “Inbox”.

Then tap the “Filter” icon located in the lower left corner.

By default you will get displayed all the mail marked as “Unread”. In order to change the filter, tap “Filter by:” at the bottom of the display.

Select the needed filter.

Do not forget to mark all the important incoming messages with checkboxes in order for the filter system to work the most efficiently.

In order to do it, tap the checkbox in the lower left corner of the opened message and press “Put the checkbox”.

Add the important contacts to the «VIP» group and then sorting messages from these addresses using filters won’t be hard at all. To add a contact, press the «i» icon located next to the name of the VIP folder.