Mode “Do not disturb” is the perfect solution for those who, for whatever reason, do not want to switch iPhone into Airplane mode during the night, but want to get rid of unwanted calls and messages during sleep. But there are people, whose calls we are always ready to answer, and thus we want to be always in touch with them. Let’s examine new solutions offered by iOS 10 for you.

How to override mode Do Not Disturb in iOS 10

To begin with, let us recall the process more or less known to many users. To add exceptions for users who will be able to always reach you, open Settings and move to “Do not disturb”, then “Call admission” and select a group of users who will be able to easily break the sleep mode. But it refers to groups. Is it possible to create an exception for a particular user?

Using iOS you can do it. Open Contacts, choose required user and click “Edit”. Open “Ringtone” and see “Emergency bypass”. Put the toggle on and this particular subscriber will be able to reach you, even if you select “Do not disturb” reading.