iPhone 7 Plus is not only the first iPhone with a dual camera, but also the first iPhone with optical zoom, allowing zooming objects without loss of image quality. We will tell you how to use zoom, and why not to zoom the objects very much.

How to use the Zoom taking photos with iPhone 7 Plus

To use zoom, run “Camera” application by clicking the appropriate shortcut on the home screen, or swipe right on the lock screen. Press 1X (if iPhone is rotated vertically, it is at the bottom in the middle, if horizontally – at the right in the middle), and get image twice closer. Due to the fact that zoom is not digital but optical, the image quality will not deteriorate (it is like you just come closer). Click 1X again, and the image will return to its previous state.

You can press and hold 1X or 2X, and slide to the left to zoom in and to the right to zoom out. iPhone 7 Plus allows zooming the image by 10 times. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that after 2X is not the optical zoom but digital one, which means that the quality will deteriorate.

You can zoom image with a common pinch-to-zoom gesture, as using iPhone 7 and previous models. Thus you cut a photo, and, accordingly, its quality is deteriorated; if possible, come closer to the object.