New iPhones which presentation will traditionally take place at the beginning of the coming September as it was supposed earlier, can become the first smartphones of the range without analog connector for earphones. At the same time, journalists of NowhereElse assure us, that to suppose that devices won’t lose also another, not so less important element, would be extremely naive.

iPhone 7 can lose the sound switch

According to the published images of probable iPhones 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, smartphones can lose the customary tumbler of the silent mode activation. The distinctive feature of original iPhone, a side switch, has being faithfully served the device users under the control of iOS during many years. Now its functionality will be transferred to a special key in Command center.

iPad Air 2 which excessively thin casing simply couldn’t carry out a so bulky from the point of view of internal placement component, became the first gadget of Apple which lost the analog switch. It is quite probable that the refusal from the tumbler in iPhone 7 is accompanied by further attempts of company designers to minimize smartphone thickness, having reduced it to an absolute minimum.