Materials on the future model of Apple’s flagman continue to appear online. The last significant leakage were the pictures of iPhone7 schematic drawings by courtesy of the website Nowhereelse.

iPhone 7 drafts

The drawings show the 4.7-inch iPhone7 that looks very much like the Apple communication device released in 2015. The plastic inserts, however, have been moved to the back side of the device, and the audio jack was replaced by a microphone. The picture also clearly shows a bigger flash and camera. This suggests the possibility of a larger photo module in the new iPhone.

iPhone 7 drafts 2

We concluded that the 3.5-mm jack will be replaced with a microphone based on the text that accompanies the illustrations. The picture shows that the bottom side of the device has two grates that would normally hides the speakers, but the description indicates that only one of them is used for its intended purpose – the second one seems to be there only for decoration. In other words, iPhone 7 will not have stereo.