A10 became the most powerful processor in iPhone since the presentation of the first generation of the smartphone – A10 is a quad-core chip with 3.3 billion transistors. Although Apple has never said how many transistors were in the A9 processor, the experts believe that this value was at the level of 2.5 billion.

Performance level of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Capabilities of the A10 graphics chip deserve special attention – the performance level of the graphics chip is 50% higher than that of the A9. However, synthetic benchmarks speak for themselves: iPhone 7 scored more than 178 thousand points in AnTuTu test, while Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung scores not more than 135 thousand points.

Another very important step is the release of AirPods as such release provides rationalization for the existence of a new W1 wireless chip. Apparently, Apple completely revised its approach to connecting accessories as these are the first fruits of labor of the Broadcom engineers whom the Apple company lured away a few years ago.