The Chinese microblog network, Sina Weibo, has shared a series of photographs showing the new generation iPhone. The pictures reportedly represent 7 iPhone in three colors – golden, “Rose Gold” and “Black Space”, which last appeared in the iPhone 5 line.

Space Black iPhone 7 pictures

One of the photos show iPhone7 and the 5.5-inch iPhone7 Plus. Interestingly, the latter doesn’t have a Smart Connectors interface, while the photos of the model display three dots indicative of the presence of a jack.

The back of the 4.7- and the 5.5-inch models not equipped with a Smart Connector jack, has “iPhone” written on it, while on the back of the 5.5-inch device that has a Smart Connector port, we find the letter “S” under “iPhone.”

Judging by the published photographs, it looks this year Apple may simultaneously release iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPhone 7s Plus. Given that the authenticity of the images is not confirmed, the probability of three new iPhone models instead of two is still only a speculation.