This is not the first time the Spigen accessory manufacturer has “put the cart in front of the horse.” This year it was joined by another manufacturer, Olixar. Together they opened an early orer for iPhone7 cases. As you may be aware, iPhone 7 hasn’t been officially announced or shown in public, and even its name is still in question. But this never confused accessory manufacturers.

Spigen and Olixar accept early orders for iPhone 7 cases

Of course, they might be relying on rumors and information leaks, or on information coming from Apple. The cases they have put up for early order would be suitable for the smartphone we are about to see, according to the latest rumors. It’s exterior won’t be very different from iPhone 6s. However we will have to wait till next month to learn the details.

At the moment, we are talking about the cases produced by famous brands who know what they’re doing and have long produced for iPhone accessories. Other offers have long been found in online stores. Not only cases for iPhone 7, but also, cases for iPhone 7 Plus are available. Of course, there is no guarantee that they will fit the smartphones that Apple will introduce in September.