We continue putting together the iPhone7 puzzle. Today we have GeekBar photos. GeekBar has already shown us the A10 processor and iPhone7 in action on video.

The photo shows the display panel without the usual “mechanical” Home button – there isn’t even a slot for it. This suggests that iPhone7 will have a sensor Home button (of course, if the pictures show the real thing, not someone’s fantasy).

The sensor Home button in iPhone

Thus, GeekBar writes, Apple plans to make the new iPhone more user-friendly and reliable (excepting one detail that often breaks).

For comparison, here are some pictures of iPhone6 display module:

Earlier it was reported that the iPhone7 Home button will be equipped with Force Touch recognition technology. This will make it more convenient for users to manage their smartphones – instead of having to reach your finger to the menu item in the application, just hold the button a little longer.