As the next generation iPhone release date approachess, new speculations arise every day concerning its anticipated new features. Recently, the reputed Bloomberg news agency published an article confirming the information. According to Bloomberg, iPhone 7 will get a new Home button that will vibrate when pressed like the trackpad in the recent MacBook.

What are the new features of iPhone 7

In addition, the Cupertino guys will improve the smartphone’s camera, will remove from the antenna stripes from the back side of the device, and will get rid of the standard headphone jack.

According to an unnamed source, the double camera (in the 5.5-inch version) and the updated touch Home button with vibration feedback, as well as the absence of a 3.5mm audio jack deserve special attention.

The Upgraded Camera

The 5.5-inch iPhone7 Plus (or Pro) is expected to get a camera with two lenses which will significantly improves the quality of the pictures. According to the source which was able to test a working prototype of the device, the photoraphed image will get into two photomatrixes that capture different colors. With the help of special software, both images will be combined into a single distinct and vivid picture. Thanks to the double chamber even shots taken in low light conditions will be of high quality.

Vibration response Home button

The Home button in the new iPhone isn’t mechanical. According to Bloomberg, it will be a key that responds to the user’s touch not with a clicking sound like in previous models, but with a slight vibration. The new MacBook touchpad works in the same way.

The changed antenna stripes design on the back side of the device

The exterior of iPhone 7 will not substantially differ from the previous models. However, the back side of the device will no longer have the two antenna stripes crossing it. The standard headphone jack will also disappear, with a second speaker in its place for stereo.